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Siebe Gebäudereinigung OHG

 For every new Google review received since 19.08.2020, a tree is planted in the reviewer's name by Siebe Geb√§udereinigung OHG. More about the project
Planting trees for all reviews since 19.08.2020
About ReviewForest

We are a Berlin-based company and enable businesses to help the planet by planting trees for the reviews they get. We make sure that for every new review a tree is planted.

In addition, ‚ā¨ 1 for each review is donated to our partner Plant-for-the-Planet's children academies for the environmental education for children.

Where are the trees planted?
The trees are planted on the organization's own plantation on the Yucat√°n Peninsula in Mexico. Seedlings of eight different native species are grown in a local plant nursery. After planting, workers take intensive care of the trees: a young tree must be cleared of rampant weeds and watered regularly for example.