How PUZZFUXX wipes for the environment


PuzzFuxx makes cleaning cloths from wood fibres that clean without chemicals and microplastics. A great thing for the planet!

Since sustainability and the protection of our environment is a matter close to our hearts with our products, we found the idea of ReviewForest spectacular right away and immediately decided to plant trees for our customers' Google reviews. Since our cloths are made of wood, this way we are giving back to the planet what we have taken from it. The tip top service and excellent communication with ReviewForest can really only be recommended. (Dietmar Reichle)
Dietmar & Christel Reichle
Founder of PUZZFUXX


PuzzFuxx has taken nature as a model and invented a cleaning cloth that cleans completely without surfactants and solvents. Like plants, these cleaning cloths manage with water alone, thanks to their microfibrils.

Sustainability is a top priority at PuzzFuxx. So the company was looking for a way to not only give back to nature what it takes from it through the production of cleaning cloths, but also to get more reviews and protect the environment in the process. In ReviewForest, the company found the ideal partner.