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Plant for The Planet Plant for The Planet

We help businesses get more authentic reviews while giving back to the planet. For each review, a tree is planted by our amazing partner: Plant-for-the-Planet. In addition, $1.20 is donated to their children's academies.


More Details

Plant for The Planet Plant for The Planet
Reviewfoerst Prince Albert II of Monaco

Felix Finkbeiner was awarded the German Order of Merit

Reviewfoerst Prince Albert II of Monaco

HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco and Felix Finkbeiner signing the Trillion Tree Declaration

Our partner, Plant-for-the-Planet

The worldwide children' and youth initiative Plant-for-the-Planet was launched in January 2007. The initiative aims to plant 1 trillion trees worldwide. Trees are the cheapest and most effective way to sequester CO2 and so provide us with a buffer to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero, and mitigate the climate crisis.

In 2011, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) handed over the traditional Billion Tree Campaign to Plant-for-the-Planet and, with it, the official world tree counter. Since then, the campaign has grown into the Trillion Tree Campaign.

On 22 May 2018, German President Steinmeier presented 20-year-old Felix Finkbeiner with the Cross of Merit (Germany's only federal decoration) for his efforts in combating the climate crisis. Felix founded the Plant-for-the-Planet initiative at the age of 9. Since then - supported by adults in governments, companies and organisations - children and young people have planted more than 15 billion trees globally.

Where are the trees planted?

The trees are planted in the organization's own plantation on the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico. Seedlings of eight different native species are grown in the organization's plant nursery. After planting, workers take intensive care of the trees: a tree must be cleared of rampant weeds and watered regularly.

Trees Planted Check the GPS coordinates of trees
Trees Planted

US$ 5.99 per review

This offer is exclusively for businesses (all kinds of commercial users).

  • One tree is planted
  • Your own review forest page with a Google review link
  • Tree counter widget for your website
  • Email signature with review link
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Why trees in Mexico? Can I also plant trees in my country?
The tropical climate of the planting area in Mexico provides optimal growing conditions. The trees that are planted there grow considerably faster than, for example, in Europe and can therefore bind more CO2 and faster. Because of the lower CO2 fixation we currently do not offer tree plantations in other countries.
Can I limit the amount of trees?
At any time, you can limit the maximum amount of reviews for which trees are planted. The limit will be shown in your ReviewForest.
Do I have to plant trees for already existing reviews?
No, during registration you decide whether trees should be planted for all reviews or for future reviews only. Naturally, the ReviewForest looks better when it already contains a few trees. If you decide to plant trees for new reviews only, your ReviewForest will show the date on which reviews start being counted.
Do I have to plant trees for all reviews, even negative ones?
Yes, trees will be planted for every review, regardless of it being positive or negative. ReviewForest should help to gather legitimate and honest reviews. Everything else would not only be unfair, but also against competition laws and guidelines of most review platforms.
How fast will the trees be planted?
We send our partner the number of trees to be planted once a month. The planting is usually done during the rainy season, so it varies. During the rainy season, the trees are planted in a matter of weeks.
Can I change the maximum tree planting limit at a later point in time?
Yes, you can change this at any time after signing up.
When can I cancel my subscription?
It is a flexible, monthly rolling contract — so you can cancel monthly too. Upon cancelation, all reviews since the previous invoice will be counted and billed on a final invoice.
What happens to my ReviewForest if I cancel?
Once your contract with us is over, your ReviewForest will show a notification that this forest has been canceled. You are not eligible to advertise as being part of ReviewForest, and not allowed to use any of our graphics anymore.
When are the reviews billed?
The reviews are billed on a monthly basis, depending on the date of your registration. For example, if you register on the 15th of July, you will be billed on the 15th of each month.
How can I advertise my involvement with ReviewForest? Are there graphics?
We provide you with graphics, an email signature, and a tree-counter widget for your website. The logo of our partner Plant-For-The-Planet can only be used on the ReviewForest page. The ReviewForest counter and other graphics will be supplied after you complete registration.

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