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A single tree makes a difference
  • Stops the loss of biodiversity
    Every tree species provides shelter and food for a variety of animals and plants, contributing to a healthy and resilient ecosystem.
  • Helps the climate through capturing carbon dioxide
    Trees capture carbon dioxide through the process of photosynthesis, storing and locking up the carbon within its leaves, stems, roots and releasing oxygen we humans need to breathe and live.
  • Creates a steady income and contributes to the elimination of poverty
    Growing, maintaining and protecting trees generates much needed jobs in some parts of the world, while in others it establishes a new, more sustainable, sector of employment.
  • Prevents water damage and erosion
    Tree roots help water to penetrate into the ground, preventing water from running off the surface and causing flooding. Additionally they hold the soil in its place, counteracting erosion and landslides.
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Who is planting the trees for Frasch Fenster?
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ReForest Now
Your review will plant a tree with this project
The non-profit organization is planting trees in eastern Australia to reconnect remaining patches of rainforest, saving endangered species and fighting against the climate and biodiversity crisis.
Trees planted by with this project
The trees are planted in the eastern coastal regions of Australia in the area of the former “Big Scrub rainforest”.

More than 150 different native, endangered to highly endangered, tree species are planted to restore the rainforest.

The trees are planted during the rainy season from November until the end of September. The young trees will be looked after in their first years. Additionally, due to their endangered status they are protected by governmental law.

The ecological Impact of the project

This project supports the fight against the climate and biodiversity crises through large-scale reforestation of native rainforest ecosystems. This provides habitats for endangered species and is an important source for clean air and water. By storing CO2, these forests are crucial for combating the climate crisis.

About ReviewForest
We enable businesses to help the planet by planting trees for the reviews they get.

To keep our planet healthy and habitable for us and our future generations, planting trees is crucial. This battle against environmental degradation and for a green future is one that we all have to fight together to succeed.

Each and every written review for businesses that joined ReviewForest plants a new tree. ReviewForest captures every review and guarantees the tree is planted.

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