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stefanbuddesiegel Unternehmensgruppe

 Since 20.05.2020, stefanbuddesiegel Unternehmensgruppe has planted one tree in Mexiko in the name of the reviewer for up to 100 new reviews. More about the project
Planting trees for all reviews since 20.05.2020
We are an Official Partner of Plant for The Planet

We are a Berlin-based company. We help businesses get more reviews. At the same time we make sure that for every new review a tree is planted.

ReviewForest automatically recognizes new Google ratings and has a tree planted in the name of the reviewer.

Where are the trees planted?
The trees are planted on the organization's own plantation on the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico. Seedlings of eight different native species are grown in a local plant nursery. After planting, workers take intensive care of the trees: a young tree must be cleared of rampant weeds and watered regularly for example.