'Review Us' Cards with QR-code

Hand out these cards to your customers on a daily basis.

'Review Us' Cards with QR-code

This version includes your ReviewForest web address and your review QR-code.

Customers can scan the code with their phone cameras and will be automatically directed to your review page.

@ProLift Garage Doors of Charleston
There is no easier way for your customers to review your company!

Whenever you are in contact with your customer and after you provide them with your products or services; let your customers know that you appreciate their feedback!

This card is reminding your customers that you will thankfully plant a tree for every one of their reviews.


Your review is just one click away!

Scanning the QR-code, your customers will be greeted by your already planted trees in your review forest.

Now your review is just one click away!

Pressing the button "Leave Review" leads them directly to your review forest. Here your customers will leave their review.

Your review forest is growing and a real tree will be planted!