Get more Google reviews by being eco-friendly

Plant a tree for every Google review - so happy customers also remember to leave a review. 

"We are very glad that we found out about ReviewForest. It is the easiest and best way to collect reviews from customers. With ReviewForest, we now get 3-5x more Google reviews a month! Our customers and we are happy for every tree we plant."

Mirko Bulic from Bitpiloten

Get reviews where they matter

If you want new customers to find your business, your Google reviews matter:
rank higher and stand out. It’s what customers see first.

A real tree - a good reason to login and write a review

Your happy customers have a million reasons to not leave a review. Now they have a good reason to take the time and effort. 
You both help the planet, planting one tree for every review with our certified tree planting projects.

Learn about planting
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Make it easy - so happy customers also leave a review

Unhappy customers don’t forget to leave a review, happy customers do. Save time on design with customized print templates with QR codes.

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Ask for reviews on autopilot

You need to remind customers to leave a review. But do you remember yourself? 
Do it automatically in your email signature and whenever you interact with your customers.

Stay on the right path

ReviewForest is compliant with terms of service and laws. The trees are planted by non-profit organizations. Customers don’t have any financial incentive to leave a review. We all benefit the same from the planted trees.

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