Get more Amazon reviews by planting trees

Plant one tree for every customer who reviews your products on Amazon. Improve your brand's eco-score while reminding customers to leave a review.

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Anna from Vodafone

Grow your brand by growing a forest

Plant one tree for every review your product receives on Amazon. Grow a forest for your brand and become one of the brands fighting for a healthy planet. Every tree offsets carbon-dioxide and provides life to animals. Choose one of the certified tree planting projects.

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Easy for customers to leave a review

It's hard to remind customers to leave a review when you can't email them. Normal review cards are ignored. A tree is a good reason to leave a review. The included marketing templates make it easy to tell your customers.

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Works with any Amazon product... long as it has an ASIN you can automatically plant one tree for every new Amazon reviews.

Show your eco impact

Both for your brand and your products, you can show the climate actions you take.

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Stay on the right path

ReviewForest is compliant with terms of service and laws. The trees are planted by non-profit organizations. Customers don’t have any financial incentive to leave a review. We all benefit the same from the planted trees.

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